Temexe X Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin Ethereum ERC20 Token BTC ETH Bluetooth AES Encryption Cold Wallet Offline Private Key Protector with Recovery Phrase Word Card to Restore Backup

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Send and receive cryptocurrencies with TEMEXE X without risks whenever and wherever you want on your smartphone

The cryptocurrency exchange hacks shows that it's no longer safe to store your cryptocurrency in other people's platforms.

As cryptocurrency owners know, your private key is unique and must be secured all times to prevent theft of your currency. As long as your private key is safe, your digital assets are safe.

Avoid Being the Target of Hacking

Currently, hardware wallets are one of the safest ways to store your private key.

It is reported that encrypted private key in a hardware wallet can be still be cracked using the "brute force" technique. However, applying this technique requires someone to have the cryptography knowledge and extremely powerful computing equipment. Hackers are more likely to target the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is not likely for hackers to crack the private key in your Temexe X you lost at such a high cost without knowing how much cryptocurrencies you have. Even if they do, you can still transfer your digital assets to a new private key before that happened.

Currency Support: Bitcoin, Ethereum and hundreds of the ERC20 tokens. Learn more at www.temexe.com/cryptocurrency

Handling Fee: No additional fees except for the necessary "miner's fees".

APP: ourToken

Compatibility: Smart phone with iOS 7.1 & Android 4.4 above.

Charging: 9V 1A adapter (Android phone charger) with a Micro-USB cable.

Battery Life: Up to 30 days once fully charged.

Wallets Number Limit: 500

Package List

1 x TEMEXE X Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

1 x Micro USB cable

1 x User manual

1 x Strap

2 x Recovery Phrase Booklet


1 x Gold Plated Bitcoin

Learn more at www.temexe.com