RVGHSJ Piggy Bitcoin 360 Degree Rotation Universal Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Dashboard

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Car Mount Installation Steps:
1. Choose A Flat And Smooth Surface Where You Want To Install On The Car, And Clean The Position.
2. Tear Off The Stickers From The Mount, Stick The Mount Firmly Against The Wiping Position On The Dashboard.
3. Press Firmly 1-2 Minutes Until Fixed, And Please Wait At Least 24 Hours Later Before Using It.

Metal Plate Installation Steps:
1. Prepare Your Phone, Protective Film, Metal Plate And Case, If You Have A Thin Phone Case.
2. Tear Off The Sticker From The Protective Film, Stick The Protective Film On The Back Center Of Your Phone.
3. Tear Off The Sticker From The Metal Plate, Stick The Metal Plate On The Center Of The Protective Film.

1.Please Note That You Will Not Be Able To Reuse An Adhesive Mount Once You Remove It.
2.To Remove The Metal Plate, Please Warm It With A Hair Dryer, Then Use Some Dental Floss To Lift And Detach It.

Packing List:
1 X Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder